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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby shower #1 and Baby's Room

Ok, Mega post comin up here! So you all better comment on all the cute-ness that is about to follow since you have been demanding it!

Baby's Room:
Ok, these are the colors of the room. The red is only on one wall the tan is on all the others. Then White trim all the way around. I don't have anything up on the walls yet. I haven't quite decided on what I want to put on the walls. It kinda keeps changing a little here and there. And it also doesn't help that I can't find exactly what I'm looking for either... Hopefully soon though!

This is the crib set I got for the little man's room. Super cute huh?! I LOVE it! It looks lots better in person though.

This is the cute lamp that I totally forgot that we had in our front room. It goes along perfectly with the stuff I have so far and the idea that is tumbling around in my head just waiting to spill onto the walls! :)

That's all I really have at the moment for baby's room.

So here's some pics from my first baby shower. It was with my side of the family and a lot of people that are friends with my mom and that also work with me. It was Lots of fun and I got a lot of cute stuff as well. So here's some pics:

This is the cute centerpiece that my sister thought of. I thought it was pretty fun.

This is the bouncer that one of my co-workers gave me.

These are some cute things I got.

Lots of cute clothes too!

All the blankets that I got. All handmade too!! I sure am loved by these ladies!!

Well, that's all the fun stuff that I have for now. And nope... No belly pics still. I'm a slacker I know! But I will get someone to take one of me this weekend for sure! Watch for more pics soon of the stuff I get from my next shower on Saturday!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I have to vent...

So I think that it is pretty messed up when you find out you can't even trust your own family to not cheat you out of things. I'm not going to go into what happened, but I'm really upset about it. I'm pretty sure I know exactly what happened but this person keeps telling lies to not get into trouble and things just aren't adding up. One day it's one thing that happened and then the next its something totally different. And then it's all different when you talk to the other people that they have talked to about it. It's just getting really frustrating and today I've just had ENOUGH! It doesn't help that I am pregnant and my emotions are all over the place but I am thinking very clearly about this and what I'm pretty sure what happened.

Unfortunately though, when I tried to explain to the other people what I was thinking and feeling about the situation, it all came up jumbled and now those other people are mad at me and I am just feeling kinda like I have been bullied into just taking what happened and get over it. Because even if I tried to explain what I was trying to say it wouldn't make things any better. They would just take it wrong and not ask questions about things to try to clarify and make sure what they heard me say is what I was trying to say. UGH! I hate it when there are problems with family members. It complicates things So much!

I'm not really sure if this makes any sense or if you can even follow what I'm saying. But I feel a little bit better now and that what writing helps you do right? Well, it helped me so I guess it worked.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I was just sitting here thinking about some of the things I wanted to remember about this pregnancy and here are a few things that came to mind.

A couple days ago I was watching tv in bed while Robert was sleeping and I had the remote on my belly and I looked down and the remote did the WAVE!!! Creepy?!? Yes. Cool?!? Also, yes.

A friend of mine (Miss Carly B) is due 2 days before me and she is having a little girl. I was reading on her blog (at least I think that it was her blog... or Facebook maybe? Anyway...) That she hadn't been measuring herself as much with this pregnancy as she did with her last. So one day she measured herself in toilet paper squares. And that got me thinkin.... I wonder how many it would take to go around me! Well... To settle your minds last time I measured it was 11 squares. :)

We got all the walls painted in the baby room (I need to post pics but it's not all done yet). The baby crib and mattress came this week! :) but we don't have anywhere to put it yet so it's just sitting here in the box...waiting to be opened and put together.

I'm getting bigger all the time. Robert even said to me last week "Wow, hun. You look SUPER prego today!" Made me laugh. But there have been a ton of people that have said that I am really small. And then the last few days there have been quite a few people that have said that I just popped the last little while. Well, what they don't realize is that I've had a coat on most of the times that I have seen them. But it's kinda pointless to wear a jacket these days because I can't close it anyway, my belly is gettin in the way! :)

Well I think that's everything random for right now.

Friday, January 28, 2011


So I just looked at my last post and man, it's been a while! Not too much has been going on. Just my belly growing every day. It's kinda fun! I can't see my toes now if I stand straight and look down. :) We've been decorating the baby's room, well more like just painting currently. But it looks a lot better than it did when we started. I'll post pictures when we get all done.

I've also been working on a blanket for the little guy too. It's pretty cute. But also not quite finished yet, soon though!

And I thought I'd be on top of things and take a bunch of pictures so that I could see how big I get and all that stuff but, alas, no pictures as of yet! But in the blink of an eye I'm already 7 months! It's been going by SO fast! I can't even believe it!

Well, I will be posting again soon with pictures of the belly, room, blanket and maybe a baby shower!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's a....


We are really excited to have another little cowboy come join us here in our home. We really didn't have any clue what to expect when we went into our ultrasound but we were really excited. It was amazing to see the little guy and see everything that they look at. He was a happy to see us kinda since he gave us a mostly full handed wave. I say that because he didn't open his hand all the way, just a four fingered wave. It was pretty cute. We got to see his heart beating, lungs breathing, and his little brain working. Really cool! He is growing right on schedule and everything looks healthy and strong so far!

This little guy has been a LOT more active within the last 2 weeks. He has been kicking and punching me a lot lately and he is getting stronger too. It's really kinda cool, but at the same time, a little creepy in a way. He is usually most active between 9 and 10 in the morning and sometimes in the evenings, depending on what I am doing really. (Right now he is kicking me a lot, :) ) I am 22 weeks and a day today and I feel like I am getting bigger. And depending on what I wear you can really tell I am prego. Kinda fun.

We have been thinking of names and there are a few that we like but we haven't decided on anything for sure yet.

Christmas is coming up pretty quickly and we are mostly ready. We aren't doing anything big for each other, but that is ok since it isn't about what you get, its the thought that counts. And the biggest part of why we celebrate Christmas isn't about the presents anyway.

Well, that's all I have for now!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Excited!

So next week we get the opportunity to see our baby up close and personal and make sure everything is going well, and all that other fun stuff they do at targeted ultrasounds. We will also get to find out if we will be having a little cowboy or rodeo queen added to our family! We (ok so really I can only speak for myself, but I am totally stoaked) are really excited about this baby. Next week I'll try to post a picture of my baby bump... I guess if you can call it that. I think that if anything, the baby has pushed any fat hiding around my middle and put it all together so that it might look like a baby bump, when actually its probably only fake.... But what do I know. This is my first so I have nothing to compare it to. And since everyone is different it's really hard to tell. But I have a couple friends that are due within a week or two of me and are both on their second child and they are both showing, so I guess it's possible that it's really the baby and not just my imagination.
So here are a few things about my pregnancy so far:

1. I found out and still rode in the State Fair when I was 7 weeks and felt like puking before every performance.

2. I was super nauseous, but never threw-up. That was a bonus I thought.

3. I have MAJOR heartburn like all the time! Ive been taking Prilosec and that has helped a TON. But you can only take that for 14 days then you aren't supposed to take it again for 4 months. That doesn't help me much. So I just bought a HUGE bottle of Tums to help me make it through. I heard that heartburn usually goes away in your 2nd trimester but I'm already halfway through that and it is still terrible!

4. I get so tired all the time. That is unusual for me. I can usually muster up the strength to make it through the rest of the day, but two weeks ago when I got home from the greenhouse to get changed to go to work at ShopKo, I almost broke down in tears because I was so tired! I literally had tears in my eyes as I walked into the bathroom. It was sad!

5. I am beginning to have a hard time bending over. To pick things up off the ground, to tie my shoes, anything really including the bending over process. It kinda sucks.

6. I'm pretty sure that I've felt the baby move. It's pretty cool. It usually only in the morning when I can feel it. I really felt it move a couple hours after I ate a caramel and chocolate covered pretzel. So my friend Krista and I decided that I am having a girl because the baby went crazy kicking and only girls get that excited from chocolate and caramel. I told Robert that and he said that girls aren't the only ones that get excited over chocolate and caramel. I told him that I've never seen a guy get excited for anything like that. The only things that guys get excited about are: cars, football, boating, hunting, snowmobiling, new electronics, ya know, guy stuff.

7. I can't breathe at night! Well, not just at night, pretty much anytime. It's terrible. I had heard that you get more of a stuffy nose when you are pregnant. But now I think that I have a cold on top of that because I REALLY can't sleep at night. And I'm not supposed to take any medicine for it cause it could only make things worse and also can not be good for the baby. So I borrowed my moms humidifier to use at night. It has been helping but not as much as I would like it to.

Well, that's all that I can think of at the moment. I'm sure that there is more, but I'm tired and I can't think of much else. So I will update again next week after we find out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Word is Out!

Yup, It's true. The word is out now so I might as well blog about it right?


I am almost 16 weeks today. I am due April 16. Yay, a spring baby, but for anyone who knows me and what I do - That's not the greatest time of year to be having a baby in my line of work. But it's ok. The Lord works in mysterious ways and for some reason we are supposed to have this baby now. We are really excited though!

We found out on our 4th anniversary. It was pretty cool. Then we told the family on Robert's birthday. a whole month later! Yes you should be impressed because I usually can't keep a secret for that long. And the great thing is that nobody knew or had any idea. Well a couple claim they knew because of how adamant I was about Robert opening his present that we got to announce it with. But everyone was really excited when they heard.

So far I've had a fairly good pregnancy. I can't really complain much about it. I have been a little nauseous and have had some crazy heartburn. But other than that it hasn't been to bad. I have started to wear maternity pants though. Kinda sad but good at the same time because that means I am growing. I have gotten one of those belly bands that you put over your pants so you can still wear them even after you have grown out of them. So that's been nice too.

Anyway, We just set up our appointment for our big ultrasound to check on the baby and see if everything is growing the way it should and also to check and see if it is a boy or girl! We are pretty excited for that. That will be on Nov. 23 so just a couple days before Thanksgiving.

Anyone have any guesses on what we are having? I have asked most of my family and most of them haven't said a boy or girl... just baby. But my niece Emily (She's 4) said that she thinks its a girl. And my nephew Tanner (he's 9) thinks that it will be a boy. I also have a friend in the posse that siad that he is part gypsie (true story, I'll have to tell you about it sometime) and that he can tell what it is by just touching my belly with about 85-90% accuracy. So I'm kinda interested to see if he's right or not.

Anyway, leave your comment if you have a guess or anything else fun to say!